Friday, March 22, 2013

Something Different

     Where has the time gone? I have been so enthralled lately with everything that I have lost all time to write anything! So I must update you readers on all that has happened since my last post. Namely....Marcus has happened. Have you ever felt that feeling of free falling through time, through space? It is so easy to fall for him, easier than anything I have ever known. It is like nothing I have ever felt before, but it is also so familiar and real.
      After that first night we met, everything changed. I couldn't sleep a wink that night, thinking about his smile and his sweet kiss. And suddenly it was like my life had shifted, had changed course. The littlest things he does make my insides mush and my lips smile and my whole self brighten. It's like nothing I have ever felt before, and it's the most fantastic, most invigorating and wonderful feeling. He texted me after walking me home that magical first night, literally sending, "thx for everything, u just made my life brighter, bcuz even if all I get with u was tonite, I am the happiest man alive." It's safe to say that I melted completely. When I showed Annie the next morning, though, she pursed her lips and made an "uhmp" sound. Confused, I asked her what the problem was. She was clearly not understanding the significance of THIS AMAZING TEXT THAT THIS AMAZING BOY SENT ME ABOUT OUR AMAZING NIGHT TOGETHER. When I asked her what the deal was, she just bit her lip. 
      "We-llllll.... Apparently  he's kind of a ladies man." I rolled my eyes, perhaps to cover my own fears that something, anything, could prove to me that last night wasn't the fairy tale I had thought it was.
       "According to whom, may  I ask?" 
       "His best friend Clarke, who told me that he always does this, it's like his thing. He is so adorable and sweet and attentive for the first two weeks of a fling, and then he just doesn't care. He stops caring 
completely, stops calling, texting, coming over. And I say fling specifically because his 'relationships' never get past that stage."  I had listened to her with a slowly breaking heart, and as I sat down on my bed, looking down at the floor and twirling my flower ring around and around my finger, I tried to center my thoughts.         
        "So... you're saying its too good to be true." I asked slowly, watching Annie's eyes betray her. That was exactly what she was thinking. I sighed and lay back on the bed, covering my face and wondering how on earth I could have fallen for a 'player type.' I felt Annie sit down beside me.
         "Juliet...maybe this time it's different. Maybe... you're different." I scoffed into my palm.
         "Oh, c'mon Annie! Don't give me that. You sound like a girl who's completely clueless!" Annie sighed, and placed something on the bed beside me. 
         "And you sound like a girl whose given up hope.  And that certainly is not the Juliet I know." She rose and left the room, quietly shutting the door behind her. Removing one finger from my face, I saw my phone on the bed where Annie had left it. I had one new message from a certain boy.  My heart fluttered as I read his words: "There's something different about u. I want to see u tonite."

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Girl like You

           And so my story begins. I could feel something different in the morning air when I awoke earlier. Something inevitable, something real and...well, magical. I think my fish Ariel felt it too, because she was swimming around in her bowl like she had somewhere to be. 

              I felt as if I was on the edge of something. But what? I got out of bed and felt the restlessness in me fluttering like butterflies in a jar. I then decided to go have a chat with my best friend, Annie, who also lives in my residence. We talked for a while about nothing in particular when all of a sudden, this gripping desire to go to the on campus pub came out of nowhere and exploded like fireworks in front of my eyes. 
        "Because I really don't even like that shade of purple, to be-"
          "ANNIE!" I screamed probably too loudly. Looking a bit startled, my best friend blinked at me.           "...yes, Jules?"
         "Let's go to the Emerald tonight!" I squealed, referring to the on-campus pub. The look of confusion on Annie's face fell away, to be replaced with an instant smile. 

         "Okay! Let's do it!" So, we were booked in for a girl's night of dancing and giggling and mascara. I could handle that! I was headed in the right direction, I could tell. See, I tend to believe that fate guides us, and places us within reach of our dearest dreams. As people here on earth, all we have to do is realize what is being handed to us, then reach out and take it! 
       All day, I counted down the hours whilst in class or studying. By the time it got around to 9pm, I was about ready to fly out the door. However, we didn't want to arrive TOO early, so Annie and I  began getting ready, excited to have the night to ourselves.
        We left the house around ten, braving the cold in our cute outfits, and practically ran when we got close enough to see the building. Partly because we were excited, but mostly because we were so cold we couldn't feel our fingers! 

            Once inside, Annie and I settled down at a comfy booth with a couple beers and chatted away. It being still a little early, there was no one yet on the dance floor, and a football game was playing on the big, roll down screen up on stage. Slowly, as we sipped our way through our first drinks, more and more people began to filter in, and the place got busier and busier.
            "Let's go get another." Annie said, waving her empty beer bottle side to side. I nodded, and we stowed our bags on the seat to make sure people would know that the booth was claimed. Up at the bar, I ordered for us, feeling suddenly a bit more calm. Maybe nothing would happen tonight, I thought. Maybe I was imagining that buoyant, floating feeling I've been having all day. We payed for the drinks, then made our way back to our booth, weaving in and out of the suddenly packed pub. When at last we finally made it back to our table...there were people just sitting down. Annie and I looked at each other, unsure. Our bags were still stowed in the booth, so we felt compelled to at least get them. 

         "Oh no, was this your table?" A guy sitting there asked. It was then that we realize there was three guys, each of which look older than us and quite attractive, too. What kinda swell luck was that?!
          "Oh, well, it's okay, we can just grab our bags, and you guys can have the table." I said, smiling at the one is the blue button up shirt.  Was he ever handsome! But they waved off my suggestion. 
           "Why don't you sit with us, then that solves all of our problems?" Said the one in grey. Annie and I looked at each other once again, silently communicating.
            "Sure, why not?" She said, and so we sat and were introduced to the boys. The one with the glasses was Clarke; the one in the grey was Reed, and the handsome one in the blue was Marcus. And so before we knew it we were guessing each other's majors and hometowns, and we learned that the boys were twenty two and had grown up locally. Before long, though, Reed disappeared to find the girl he'd been chasing lately, leaving just two boys and two girls. 
             "Wanna go dance?" Clarke asked us. Of course we did!
              "Let's get 'nother first!" Annie giggled. She wasn't already tipsy, was she? Clarke and Marcus bought us a drink, and then it was time to hit the dance floor! I found myself dancing with Marcus, and he spun me and twirled me and we laughed. Was it the drink or the touch of his hand on mine that made my head spin, too? I looked up at Marcus (boy, is he tall. 6'4 is what I guessed later, shocking him that I had guessed correctly on the first try.), just to find him smiling down at me. He leaned in closer, and I realized that we had slowed our dancing, simply reducing our movements to swaying back and forth rather than the full out twists we were previously doing. 
              "Juliet...," He whispered softly in my ear, "you are so beautiful." I blinked up into his dark blue eyes and smiled a soft, true smile. So the night continued on, dancing and talking and laughing. When it was getting late, Marcus leaned in close and asked, as he squeezed my hand, "Can I walk you home?" I smiled up at him. 
            "Sure. I'd like that." I replied, feeling well looked after. When we all decided to finally leave, He helped me find my purse and made sure I had everything. We walked out of the pub with Annie and Clarke, the cool night air chilly against my bare arms. 
            "Here." Marcus said, pulling his jacket onto my shoulders. It was warm and soft and smelled like pine and spice. I breathed it in as he put his arm around me.
           ''Wait, where's Annie?" I asked as my heels click click clicked on the cold pavement. She was walking behind us with Clarke, I realized after glancing back. She looked happy and relaxed, laughing with him. I giggled, and looked up at the stars. They were fantastic, like shimmering diamonds scattered on black velvet. 
             "Woah, look at how beautiful that is!" I breathed, and stopped walking to smile up at the sky. 
             "So beautiful." Marcus leaned down and whispered in my ear. I felt a soft shiver run down my neck and spine as his warm breath tickled my hair. I turned my gaze to his gorgeous eyes, which were sparkling just as much as the stars. There was something there, a spark like he had just struck a match, and it made my head spin round and round.  
             "Ou la la!" Annie giggled as she and Clarke walked by us arm in arm. Marcus laughed, but took a step closer to me, so that we were mere inches away from each other. I could feel the warmth of his body, I could almost reach out and touch his soft, dark hair. 
               Snow began to fall as I blinked up at him through my lashes. 
           "You know, I've never met a girl like you before, Juliet. There's just something so different about everything you do. Something so different with you and I." I had to stop myself from melting away as his warm right hand came up to brush my cheek. I think I literally stopped breathing. His left hand lightly rested on my lower back, as he slowly drew my face up to his. 
             And then he kissed me. He really, really kissed me. And not just any kiss. It was one of those weak-kneed, world-stopping, sigh-inducing, life-changing, upside-down and inside-out kinda kisses. The kind that change your life in an instant. I felt his arms tighten around me as he picked me up and spun me around. Was this really happening? I couldn't help but ask myself. Since when do movie-magic kisses happen to me, of all people, in the middle of a snowy, starry night? 
           I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned into him as he put me down. 
           "I've been wanting to do that all night. Since the first moment I saw you." He whispered gently in my ear as we embraced. I pulled back to look at him in the eyes. Because for the very first time in my life, I could finally say that my story was beginning.


Monday, November 26, 2012

My Once Upon a Time

        I have always believed that everyone has that one, true love. That person that you're meant to find, that you will meet regardless of time and circumstance. A soul mate.  You see it in the read about it in books. It's the stuff of legends.
               I always wished that maybe, one day, I'd get that too. In fact, I count on it. Isn't finding your true love the point of all this, after all?
               Well let me tell you my story. Or the beginning of it, anyway. I really don't have that whole timeless love story thing going on....yet. 
 As of now, I'm just an Average Normal Canadian University Student who loves old movies and snowfall and laughing uncontrollably. And of course, being kissed. But I'm not talking about any kind of kiss, here. I'm talking about that weak-kneed, world-stopping, sigh-inducing, life-changing, upside-down and inside-out kinda kiss. True love's kiss. The most powerful magic in the whole world. In fact, it is stronger than magic. It's stronger than anything.  

My favorite couple, possibly ever. Also, my favorite Disney Princess. Where's my Prince Eric?!

             And so here I am, waiting for my story to start. When the magic clings to the wind in the trees, when every word he will utter will make me swoon, when only one thing in this world will simultaneously  hold me to the earth and let me fly; that is when my life will really begin. And then nothing will ever be the same. 
             University is going to be an adventure, and I want to document it here. I'm going to write down all of my stories, all of the magical and enchanting things that are bound to happen in this wonderful and independent place. No matter how embarrassing or enthralling or frustrating, I'm going to tell my story.  
             Because after all, a story is always meant to be told. And so mine shall begin like all the other tales of true love: with Once Upon A Time. 

"Since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind. The End." -Grandpa